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Jim and Fr. Imbarrato at the 2021 Men’s March in Baltimore.

The 5/7/21 episode of The Simple Truth that led to the first National Men’s March to End Abortion on 6/12/21 in Washington, D.C.

Jim Havens and Fr. Stephen Imbarrato co-host the Friday edition of The Simple Truth on The Station of the Cross (Fridays with Father).

On the Friday, May 7, 2021 episode, the topic was on getting to the end of abortion, and included discussion on the historical efforts of effective non-violence resistance applied to our present day efforts to end the ongoing, daily mass murder of the preborn (and this came on the heels of a show where we looked at a recent article entitled “Catholic Men, Rise Up and Fight”┬áby Leila Lawler and Leila Miller).

After the show, Jim continued the discussion off-air with his wife Becky, and turned to God asking: “What more do you want us to do?”

The idea for The Men’s March emerged, and after more prayerful discernment, Jim and Fr. Imbarrato made the commitment to go forward with the first ever National Men’s March to End Abortion.

In only four weeks, 300 men gathered from all over the U.S., showing up in Washington, D.C., the weekend before Father’s Day (June 12, 2021), to bring our message to President Joe Biden: “Let’s Stop Murdering Our Preborn Children.”

On November 11, 2021, hundreds of men gathered again in Baltimore, MD, outside of the Fall General Assembly of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, to encourage all Catholic bishops to join us in facing reality, repenting, taking greater responsibility, and committing ourselves to do more to END abortion going forward. Bishop Jospeh Strickland marched with us, while both Bishop Joseph Coffey and Bishop Joseph Hanefeldt joined us at our rally.