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Larry Cirignano, Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, Jim Havens at the first National Men’s March to End Abortion on 6.12.21 in front of the White House in D.C.

Jim Havens and Fr. Stephen Imbarrato co-host the Friday edition of The Simple Truth on The Station of the Cross (Friday with Father).

Prompted by a conversation on the show, and a subsequent discussion with his wife Becky, Jim prayed deeply asking God what more they could do. The idea for The Men’s March emerged from this prayer, and after further prayerful discernment, Jim and Fr. Imbarrato made the commitment to go forward with the first National Men’s March to End Abortion.

In only four weeks, with the help of great partners who helped to spread the word, over 300 men from all over the U.S. showed up together in Washington, D.C. on June 12, 2021. Leading with the message of “Let’s Stop Murdering Our Preborn Children,” they called on others to join them in facing reality, repentance, taking responsibility, and making a firm resolution to do more to end the ongoing, daily mass murder of the preborn and exploitation of pregnant moms in need for profit by the lie of abortion.