Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to sign up for the March and/or Rally?

There is no official sign up for the March itself. Just make the commitment, mark your schedule, make your travel plans, and show up.

How strict is the dress code? Do I have to wear tie?

We are asking men to wear suits and priests to wear their clerics. This brings dignity, class, and a sense of professionalism to our presence. It is also a visual sign of unity for the event.

No big deal, wear a suit.

Ties are optional.

Seriously? What if I'm too hot wearing a suit?

Make sure you’re well hydrated. But for some added inspiration, here’s MLK and the gang from the August 28, 1963 March on Washington in D.C.:

It was hot. But there they are wearing suits and ties. Some guys even have tuxedos on. 

Suck it up, buttercup. Wear a suit.

Do you have a permit for the event?

Yes, permits have been granted and local law enforcement is supportive.



Have you contacted the Knights of Columbus urging them to join the March?

Yes, we have contacted the Knights national leadership and have not yet received a response. If you have contacts in your local K of C councils or at the national level, invite them to both join us and help us spread the word on this. This is an opportunity for all good men’s groups and initiatives to come together in the common mission we all share.

Travel & Accomodations

I am booking flights. Is this event really going to happen?

This is real and it is happening. Make your travel plans.

Where is the nearest airport?
Where should I park?

We recommend that men get dropped off for the March as parking is limited near our gathering point outside of the abortion killing center.

For those attending the 2pm Rally, there is ample parking in nearby parking ramps.


Do you have a hotel recommendation?

Yes, the Hotel Indigo is just one mile from the FL Capitol and we have a block room rate of $139/night for Friday and/or Saturday. Click here to book your room now. To guarantee the rate book your room ASAP.

If you need any help, our contact is:

Jay Green
Hotel Indigo Tallahassee
Director of Sales and Marketing



Other Questions

Is the March just for Catholic men?

No. This initiative is led by Catholic men, and we do expect a big turnout from fellow Catholics, but we absolutely encourage all men of good-will to join us. If we cannot unite around stopping the ongoing, daily mass murder of innocent children, we’re doomed. Please join us.

Even an atheist still ought to have the basic moral sense to see the evil of killing an innocent child.


Is the 2pm Rally for women too?

Yes, all are invited to join with us at the Rally as we call on our elected officials to LEAD ON LIFE and push forward for PERSONHOOD NOW.

Many women, children, and families are already planning to participate in the Rally!


Where can I learn more about healing after abortion?

Click here for some great resources and good people dedicated to post-abortion healing.