Frequently Asked Questions

Real questions we’ve received:


Do we need to sign up for the March or is that what signing up for updates on the website is?

There is no official sign up for the March itself. Just make the commitment, mark your schedule, make your travel plans, and get there.

How strict is the dress code? Do I have to wear tie?

We are asking men to wear suits and priests to wear their clerics. This will bring dignity, class, and a sense of professionalism to our presence and will also be a visual sign of unity for the event. For men who are not used to wearing a suit, you may need to dig out an old suit you have not worn in a while, or you might need to go buy one at a thrift store or borrow one. Just get it done. You will stick out if you are not wearing one and that will detract from the sense of unity that we are striving to demonstrate. No big deal, wear a suit. Ties are optional.

Do I really have to wear a suit? It's going to be too hot.

Suck it up, buttercup.

When MLK marched on Washington, D.C. it was in August. Here’s a picture:

Do you have official permits for the event?

Yes. We will also maintain good communication with the National Park Service throughout.



Have you contacted the Knights of Columbus urging them to join the March?

Yes, we have contacted the Knights national leadership and have not yet received a response. If you have contacts in your local K of C councils or at the national level, invite them to both join us and help us spread the word on this. This is an opportunity for all good men’s groups and initiatives to come together in the common mission we all share.

Travel & Accomodations

I am booking flights. Is this event really going to happen?

Book your flight. This is real and it is happening.

Do you have a hotel recommendation? Hoping to keep price in the $100 "range" with a location near the event if possible.

State Plaza Hotel is affordable and right around the corner from where we will meet for the March. You can also find other comparable options in the area with a quick search online.

Are there any places to park near the starting point, or will I be better parking at Union Station and taking the Metro to the march start site and back to Union Station?

There are various places to park as you can see at this website. Here is one good nearby option:

As you mention, Union Station is also a fine option.


Will Mass be available for Catholics on Saturday morning?

We will not be having any official Mass for The Men’s March on Saturday morning, but you are welcome to go to any Catholic Church in the area.

Recommendation – Msgr. Charles Pope is pastor of Holy Comforter-Saint Cyprian Roman Catholic Church, which is in the vicinity (1357 East Capitol Street, SE, WDC 20003) and has an 8am Mass on Saturday morning.